Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Update......


I think the worst part about living in the bush is the lack of communication. I can deal with cooking over fires, killing chickens (yes, 8 of them, to be exact), and no electricity. BUT, the lack of communication is killing me! It's so hard to not be able to hear from home and to be able to share with all of you who are so faithful in supporting me and praying for me what is going on.

Here's the latest with the school:
  • The "group" I asked you to pray for is still rebellious in nature, but due to a recent incident they have been given an 'official' warning. The next time they will be asked to leave the school. That, is obviously, what we do not want. Please continue to pray for their hearts to soften.
  • We have 3 weeks left of the lecture phase and then we will be headed to outreach phase. I am leading a team of 10 (plus 5 kids) to Mueda (North west of Moz) and to the Island of Mozambique (also NW of Moz). Neither of these places has established YWAM works and Mueda does not have any evangelical ministries that we are aware of. In both of these places we will be working among Muslims. Please pray for wisdom, grace, and knowledge as we seek to start an evangelical ministry among these people.

Here are some other prayer requests:

  • As we speak, I have a document pending in Religious Affairs that will make renewing my DIRE a little bit easier. Please pray for a smooth process and that it will also be approved by Immigration tomorrow.
  • Before I come home, I will need to make a trip to Lichinga to start the renewal process on this side, before I begin the paperwork stateside. The timing of this is a little bit tricky with the DTS, so pray that I will be able to travel quickly and cheaply and accomplish everything that I need to.
  • I have decided to lead the DTS school in Lichinga next year. It will begin in June and end in November. Please pray for me as I begin the process of finding staff and teachers for the school.
  • The Lord is still defining in me exactly what He has called me to do in Mozambique. There are so many unreached people groups, so many needs, and my heart is so large for all of them. I am feeling specifically pulled towards the areas of healthcare and education in the larger context of community developmet. Please pray for me as I seek God's direction in this. YWAM offers several schools for healthcare and community development....and I need to know if I should pursue these schools. I know these plans and ideas will be at least postponed until after I finish the DTS in November of 2013, but it never hurts to pray A LOT! The communities here are so broken, so needy, so desperate to see that God has a plan for them in every aspect of their lives.

That, I think, is all for now. I am doing really well healthwise (yay!) I am finding myself more and more at home in Mozambique and my Portuguese is getting better daily. I am so in love, so content, with the calling He has placed on my life and I pray for all of you that you will feel such peace and contentment with the place He has called you. It has been hard, to be sure, but more than anything it has been worth it all.

I will update you when I can! Thanks for praying.....

Because of Grace,