Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Exciting News

It's all official! Yesterday I received my invitation letter - which allows me to apply for my residence visa - which is really all just a formality. It's what I've been waiting on since I came home to the states. Woo-hoo! I received the email while in Publix and shouted "hallelujah" right there in the middle of the deli meats and cheeses! I was with my friend Becky, and because she loves me, I think she'll take me out in public again :0) Anyhow, the next stop on this journey is D.C. to get the visa stamped into my passport and then I'll hit the skies for my beloved Mozambique on April 18th. It seems so soon to leave the states, yet it feels so long since I left Mozambique. It is so exciting to be headed back to the place where my heart longs to be. I dread the goodbyes as I do every time I leave. I will miss early morning and late night conversations with my sister and cuddles with my nephew. I will miss my home church and some pretty great Floridians who have become more like family. It will be hard to say goodbye to my grandma because she will be 93 years old this year. I realize that every time say goodbye, it might be goodbye forever this side of heaven. I will miss my mom and my brother. But more than all those things, I'm afraid to miss His calling on my life. So,I follow Him to a place that has captured my heart because He captured my heart first and I cannot say 'no' to Him. I look forward to the adventures that living in Africa will surely bring, the lessons I will learn, and continuing to build friendships with my teammates. I will love those He loves and love the life He has given me. After all, that's what He call us all to do.