Monday, June 30, 2014

The God who Sees

As some of you know, the last few days have been a bit stressful for me. On a financial, emotional, spiritual realm I just felt exhausted. I felt exhausted by a certain situation I found myself it. I felt exhausted by the ministry of DTS. As wonderful as it is, DTS really is a 24hr/7 day a week/5 month kind of deal.
A lot has been going on in the last week and I was just teary, and tired, and ready to go find a corner and hide a bit. Those of you who know me well know that I love to be around people, but I also like my alone time. So, I was kind of having my own pity party, dreaming of coming home in a few months, and just allowing myself to be in a funk.
It's funny how when we let the enemy have a hey day in our lives, Jesus steps in and reminds us of what is real and true and important.
Just behind the YWAM center lives Tome & Isabel and their 7 children. This week Tome and Isabel are at the machamba (field) harvesting their corn and beans. Five of their children have stayed here in the city to go to school. The youngest two are with mom - and she has actually been gone for over a month working on the harvest.
Anyhow, on Saturday Arcancas came in and asked me if I had any caril. Caril is basically any sauce that is served with rice or xima (a corn flour based starch dish). I told him I didn't have anything. Since we are eating and cooking as a DTS these days, I don't have tomato (the caril base) or veggies of any kind. He looked sad, but just turned and walked away.
A few hours later, Arminda came and told me that Esperanca had taken food out of one of my dog's bowls to eat. When Arminda asked why, Esperanca said she was hungry.
That afternoon I went over to the house and spoke with Felizarda, the oldest daughter. She confirmed that they didn't have anything to eat. So, I talked with my friend Lori, we pulled our resources together and I went on a little shopping trip.
For about $45, I was able to buy beans, dry fish, potato leaves (a common dish), green beans tomatoes, onions, eggs, pumpkin, bananas, salt, sugar, tea, oil and a few other essentials for this family. This week they will eat well. One of my colleagues has tested the children for anemia, and all though they are now doing better, their levels definitely aren't where they should be. This time before the harvest comes in is known as "the time of hunger."
Hopefully, their crops will be in soon and it will be transported back to they city. Once that happens, they should have food to eat.
For as long as I live, I don't think I'll forget the light in their eyes, or their little arms that hugged me as the quietly said, "Thank you, Tia Jennifer."
I have never been so hungry that I ate out of a dog bowl. I have never had to go and ask a neighbor for money so that I could buy paper that I needed for school. I have never had to wear shoes to school that had holes in them with the soles tied together. I've never known that kind of poverty.
So when I think about that, I don't really want to complain too much about what was stressing me.
I'm so thankful for each of you who support me each month. You are a part of these precious little people having good food this week. Sometimes kingdom work looks a lot like a little person with new shoes and a full belly.  Many times His love is the most practical thing on earth. Thank you for loving the least of these. He sees your faithfulness.

 Mica (13) and Arcancas (16)

 Arminda (yes, Tome has an Arminda, too - 10)

 Felizarda (when she was baptized a few months ago, 17)

 Felipe (3)

 Esperanca (8)

I unfortunately don't have a picture of Dad & Mom or baby Peter. Please continue to pray for them as the harvest comes in. You are a blessing!

A few weeks ago, I was reading in Genesis about Hagar and Ishmael. Remember when she ran away from Sarai, and she thought that she and Ishmael were going to die. Not only did God provide the water that she needed, He told her He saw her struggle with Sarai. I have been reminded so much lately of the God who sees. I'm so thankful that He not only sees, but He provides. What a generous, gracious God that we serve!