Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Rains came down…..and I went Ker plunk!

 I don’t know what it is about Africa, but I seem to have issues with staying whole and unharmed when here. In 2006, in six months, I managed to get in an accident that cut my foot from which I got a deadly infection. I also managed to get Malaria twice and a Maticaneya (a little worm that borrows in your foot) once.

One would think that all that plus the roach, rats, and snakes (all of which I abhor) would be enough to keep me out of this country. But, alas, it did not and I find myself here once again. I really do love Mozambique – despite all of that. I love the people and the simple beauty of this place amid the backdrop of much toil and sorrow.

So… first African injury this time around – it only took 2 ½ weeks! Last Friday, I was standing next to the window of our little playroom chatting while the boys ran around in the rain. I must also mention that I was soaking wet because I had run around in the rain with the boys. It is so hot here in Beira – so hot that some days it is like the heat bubbles up from inside of you and just cooks you slowly. So, when the rains came, cold, huge drops of rain – I just couldn’t help myself – I had to rejoice in the rain.

I was drying off – standing by the window.  My arm brushed against the broken glass which had not been taken out of the window. Just so you understand – the window was cracked. There were no jagged edges or sharp pieces of glass protruding. The glass needed to be taken down, but it wasn’t dangerous! Unless you are me. Then everything has potential to be dangerous! I found the one place where the cracked glass poked out just slightly and put my arm down on it. It didn’t even hurt, but when I raised my arm up blood started to spurt out.  Victoria quickly sent one of the boys for the first aid kit and we began applying pressure to the cut to see if we could get it to stop.

In the middle of all this, the rains let up and I told Victoria I was going to the bathroom. She looked at me like I had lost my mind, “Now?”

Well, yes, now. The rains had almost stopped and I could walk across the yard to the bathroom with out getting soaked again and I had been waiting for that moment for a few hours. So, I made the trek to the bathroom and on the top step I slipped landing face first in a puddle of water – that was, I’m sure a mixture of wind-blown rain and water spills from all the buckets of water carried into the bathroom daily. There was, of course, a lot of dirt in that puddle, too.

“Caiu! Caiu!” Fall! Fall! The boys shouted. Yep, thankfully the boys were aware of my little mishap. So, I hobbled to the bathroom, and hobbled back to the waiting chair on the veranda. By now, my arm was really bleeding and stinging from the dirt I had gotten in it and there was a huge purplish knot on my knee.

Alfredo, or “Doctor” as we like to call him, another YWAM staff member, came over and tended to my wounds. Although, I am sure his doctoring did my arm and leg and world of good, and saved me a trip to the hospital, I was not impressed that day as he rubbed an ointment on my leg rather gruffly.

In the midst of this, there was a very close, very loud thunderclap which caused me to scream. I scared some of the little ones and I think the others wondered about my sanity!

So, nearly a week later, I am no worse for the ware. Still a little bruised, but just fine. As I write about the events of that day, it still makes me laugh! I have this feeling that Jesus got a good laugh at me while I lay there face down in that puddle. I wasn’t harmed – and it was funny. The only thing sticking out of the doorway of that bathroom was my two little feet while the rest of me laid in a puddle in the floor.

Without trying to over spiritualize anything, I believe the Lord sometimes gives us those humorous moments in life. They teach us to enjoy the moments were are given, to look for the good in every situation, and to not always take life so seriously. He is the laugh-giver and I am quite sure He has gotten His share of laughs out of me.

I am thankful that I am not too hurt. I am thankful that I can laugh about it. I am thankful that along this journey to His heart there is joy to be sprinkled in the midst of tears, lessons, and hard work. I am happy to have shared a sacred moment with Him in a puddle on the bathroom floor. 

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Becky Cherry said...

We are happy to hear that you are okay but laughed really hard at your expense. Poor thing! That sounds like you were having a bad day. Glad that rain comes around to cool you off...but be careful! Miss you!