Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When God Wrecks Your Plans.....

God has this terrible habit of wrecking my plans. And while I have to admit that all the "wreckage" He has caused has turned out pretty good for me, I am once again left shaking my head. I will be coming home to the states, but I won't be coming home until December. Just in time for Christmas!

As you may remember from my last post, I am leaving Beira and headed to Lichinga. The plan was to come home after moving to Lichinga for a short trip to renew my paperwork and then head back to Mozambique. I also told you that I was going to a YWAM conference in Marromeu for two weeks. That is where the trouble started.

This year, the leadership of YWAM Moz has decided to hold a national DTS. The DTS (Discipleship Training School) is YWAM's most basic school. Through the DTS YWAM teaches their values, doctrines as wells as teaching basics of the faith and preparing students for a life in missions. This is the school I did six years ago in Moz.

Usually each base holds their own DTS, but this year the leadership wanted to hold one large DTS and have staff from each base. Sounds like a great idea, right? I thought so, too and thanked God for all the people who were going to staff the DTS. I did not plan for it to be me. It did not fit in with my timing.

So, I went to this conference and one day the school leader was asking us what we could commit to the DTS. He said he was still understaffed and that this was our collective DTS and we each needed to be willing to give something to it. I heard this still small voice (you know the one) in my head say, "You know you could change your ticket to December."

I quickly squashed the voice, because that was not what I wanted to hear. Shortly after Francisco's plea we had a short break. As I was walking out of the room, my friend Suku grabs my hand and says, "You know you could change your ticket to December." Great.

Thank you, Holy Spirit. So when I don't listen to you, you send someone else with the exact same message. Fine.I guess I'll have to go pray about it.

And I did. The more I prayed, the more I realized that I needed to go ask Francisco what he needed for the DTS. I was desperately hoping he would say "nothing" or "come sweep floors for a month before you go home." Nope, of course not. He smiles and says, "I need English speaking staff. I have three American girls coming to this DTS."


So of course, I told the Lord if he would remove the obstacles, I'd be happy to stay. I thought this was very smart seeing as changing an international ticket is very expensive. There were also a few other obstacles that I thought would make it a no-go. Of course, He did remove the obstacles - right down to changing my airline ticket for less that $200. Of all the things you pray, don't pray for God to remove obstacles.......He can, you know!

So, in a couple of days I am headed back out to the bush. Yep, the lots of mosquitoes, no electricity, barely- there- phone -signal bush. And, truth be told, I couldn't be happier! I'm still getting used to the change of plans and trying to convince myself that 6 months with no electricity isn't that bad - I've done it before. However, there is such peace that comes with giving in to that still, small voice - even when it wrecks your carefully laid plans!

Please pray for my health. I have struggled so much with my health these last few months and I'm headed into an area where the malaria is frequent. I'm armed with lot's of bug spray and the Great Physician, but I'd appreciate your prayers for myself, the students, and staff.

Please pray for God to do HUGE things for us during the 3 months of lecture and 3 months of ministry. God took enough time to wreck my plans, so I'm pretty sure He wants to do something awesome. Pray that I will have eyes to see it and a heart to embrace it.

 Pray for my language skills. My Portuguese is improving daily. I can understand most things, and my speaking ability is getting better all the time. However, most of the students and staff speak only Portuguese so I need to be a much quicker study than I have already been. Pray that by the end of the first 3 months I will be able to communicate effectively. This will be important for the ministry phase of the DTS.

I am so excited about what He is going to do. I am thrilled with the peace I feel about following His voice. I'm thankful that He loves me enough to wreck my plan.

And, yes, just in case you are wondering, I have already started singing "I'll Be Home for Christmas." ;0)


Victoria said...

Didn't we talk about this way back???? ;-) really pleased you are going there, and that you will be in the USA for Christmas!!!!

Penny (Mom) said...

Was that really 2 months ago that we talked about this and God removed those obstacles?? That means we are down to less than 4 months now!